Delta 10 Distillate Syringe – 1mL


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Delta 10 – Distillate – 46.4% – 1mL

Cannabinoid Information

Delta 10 THC, a lesser-known cannabinoid, was stumbled upon by Fusion Farms in California during the extraction process of THC distillate from a batch of cannabis contaminated with fire retardant. Initially mistaken for cannabinoids CBC and CBL, these mysterious crystals were later identified as delta 10 THC after extensive research. Nowadays, delta 10 is produced using a conversion process akin to that used for delta 8 concentrate, resulting in its distinct clear appearance. Given its classification as a form of THC, delta 10 has the potential to induce psychoactive effects, albeit reportedly less intense than those of delta 9 and delta 8. Its high is often described as more cerebral than physical, with users reporting a milder experience compared to traditional THC variants. Delta 10 THC exhibits a weaker affinity for binding to CB1 receptors, leading to its characteristic gentler effects. Some users note that delta 10 tends to produce a sativa-like high, with reduced paranoia and anxiety. Delta-10 THC, an isomer of delta-9 THC, shares the same molecular formula but differs in the arrangement of atoms, resulting in distinct chemical and physical properties. With a chemical formula of C21H30O2, delta 10 is chemically similar to delta 9 THC, albeit less potent, estimated to be around 30 to 40% as potent as delta 9.


Delivery Methods

  • Consumption: Distillate can be ingested directly by dabbing, vaping, or smoking. It’s highly potent and typically has a high THC content, making it a preferred choice for many cannabis users seeking a powerful experience
  • Edibles: Distillate can be infused into food and beverages to create cannabis-infused edibles. Due to its high potency and lack of flavor or aroma, it’s ideal for creating precisely dosed edibles without altering the taste of the final product
  • Topicals: Distillate can be infused into topical creams, lotions, and balms for localized relief from pain, inflammation, and skin conditions. Its high potency allows for effective delivery of cannabinoids directly to the affected area
  • Tinctures: Distillate can be mixed with carrier oils, such as coconut oil or MCT oil, to create cannabis tinctures. Tinctures are administered sublingually (under the tongue) for fast-acting effects and accurate dosing
  • Capsules: Distillate can be encapsulated in gelatin or vegetarian capsules for convenient and discreet consumption. This method provides a precise and consistent dosage, making it suitable for medical users
  • Dabbing: Dabbing involves vaporizing a small amount of distillate using a dab rig. This method delivers rapid onset effects and intense highs due to the high THC concentration in distillate
  • Sublingual Strips: Distillate can be incorporated into dissolvable sublingual strips for quick absorption through the mucous membranes under the tongue. This delivery method offers a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis
  • Beverages: Distillate can be infused into beverages such as teas, coffees, sodas, and cocktails to create cannabis-infused drinks. This method allows for precise dosing and customization of flavors
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  • Inhaling Delta 10: Begin with a single, gentle inhale lasting approximately 1-3 seconds, allow 30-60 minutes to assess the effects before considering additional inhalations, adjust dosage as needed based on your desired experience and tolerance level.
  • Ingesting Delta 10 Edibles: Start with 1/3 to 1/2 your usual dose of Delta 10 if you’re accustomed to ingestible THC, wait at least 60-90 minutes to allow the edible to take effect before considering consuming more, remember that effects may vary depending on individual metabolism and other factors, so patience is key when consuming Delta 10.
  • Sublingual Delta 10 Products (Think Tinctures): For sublingual administration, begin with a small amount (e.g., a drop or two) under the tongue, hold the distillate in place for 30-60 seconds before swelling to allow for absorption through the mucous membranes, monitor effects closely and adjust dosage accordingly, if necessary, after the initial onset period.
  • Topical Delta 10 Applications: When using Delta 10 infused topicals, apply a small amount to the affected area and massage gently into the skin, allow time for absorption and assess the effects over the next hour, increase or decorate the amount used based on your comfort level and desired relief.

Other Information

  • 46.4% Delta 10 Distillate
  • 97.8% Total Cannabinoids
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • No MCT, PG, VG, or PEG Oil
  • 100% hemp-derived
  • Farm Bill compliant
  • Third party lab tested

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