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Green Light District is more than just a regular smoke shop or hemp dispensary. We are dedicated to educating, teaching, and informing our customers with our How To’s, Interviews, Blogs and News Posts as well as entertaining you with our Green Light District Radio and Drifting content.

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How to’s

Whether you need to roll your own, heat a banger and load a dab, clean your glass, or make some edibles – Green Light District has got you covered.  Check out this video with our friend and Pensacola’s own UFC fighter “SD” Dumas where he teaches you how to roll a blunt.


Bringing you in-depth knowledge on everything cannabis related – Green Light District presents our interview series. We go into detail and offer insight with the individuals pushing boundaries using cannabis as the medium. In the first ever Interview by Green Light District we sat down with Chef Rod and talked about how he got into Infusing his Catering business.


Green Light District products and music go hand and hand. So to better curate an experience for our customers we’ve started a radio series to feature DJ mixes from our talented friends all across the world. From Phonk, Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop and more we’ve got you covered at Green Light District Radio.  Check this mix out featuring Infernal Racket representing Subculture Music and Art Gallery.


At Green Light District we really really like cars. We throw monthly meets that lead into our yearly event Rolling By The Bay. But we’re not just participating in our own meets – you can catch us at Octane & Exotics or Import Rally, the Night Cruizin’ and Street Godzilla meets, and our favorite the drift events over at Five Flags International Speedway put on by The North Florida Drift Federation. Thanks to the amazing videographers that show up we were able to put together a quick edit for you to enjoy.

beach hits radio, emco morning show, and the captain

How do we describe The Captain… Every Friday morning Green Light District host The EmCo Morning Show with The Captain himself. The EmCo Morning Show is a weekly podcast where The Captain interviews local business owners, athletes, entertainers, and community influencers. Live every Friday at 9am Central from Green Light District.

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