Lab Tested Products

We source our hemp-derived products for ultimate purity and consistency. All products are listed with certificates of lab testing so you know you are buying quality.


Garlotti THC-A


Cannabis flower, often referred to as bud, nugs, weed or herb, is harvested from the plant at the right time to be considered hemp. This flower is dried, cured and then can be smoked for recreational affects. Additionally, products like oils, concentrates, tinctures and the like can be derived from this flower.

Our hemp derived flower is the best you’ll find in the southeast. We offer popular strains like Blue Dream, Cherry Diesel, and Gelato, and all of our bud is sourced from trusted vendors and industry-known, reputable growers.


Our flower is: 

  • Lab-tested for purity and quality
  • Sourced from trusted and reliable grow-ops
  • Carefully packaged to retain potency 
  • Shipped to your doorstep for free, legally and discretely.
Purple Punch Wax Product

Purple Punch Delta 8 Diamonds


GLD concentrates are some of the industry’s best tasting. Also derived from high-quality hemp, our wax products are for consumption by vape or dab rig.

Similar in quality as the hemp flower from which it is derived, the concentrate line of Green Light District products is amongst the creme of the crop, and becoming a staple of the southeast U.S. and panhandle region of Florida.


Our Concentrates are:

  • Lab-tested for purity, and consistent in  potency
  • Available for bulk purchases, by phone or contact form
  • Easy to order online for recreational use
  • Shipped legally to our customers, restrictions apply.
Cart and Dispo

WiFi OG Hybrid

Cartridges & Disposables

Vape cartridges and disposables give the full spectrum of flavors, and the same quality feeling you get from our other hemp consumables.

These powerful hemp products are quickly becoming popular in Pensacola, New Orleans, Alabama, and the surrounding regions. We’ve made our cartridges available for wholesale purchases by popular demand. Get in touch to buy in bulk.


Our cartridges & disposables are:

  • Produced with no additives
  • Abundant in flavors, and cannabinoid types
  • Tested for purity
  • Ships for free where permitted by law
Edible Product

Raspberry Jam D9/D8/HHC Gummies


Consistent and potent, our alternative cannabinoid edibles are one of our best-selling products. Our CBD-derived gummies come in great flavors, and give a multitude of amazing effects.

These hemp edibles are a popular choice for those who do not wish to smoke or dab alt-canna products like wax or flower.


Our Edibles are:

  • Potent and consistent
  • A popular alternative to smoking
  • Tested in a lab for additives
  • Ship free in many U.S. states
Green Light District CBD Tincture

Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture


Discover the pinnacle of  excellence with our Tinctures. Meticulously crafted for consistency and potency, each drop encapsulates a journey towards enhanced well-being. 

Versatility is at your fingertips, as our tinctures cater to a spectrum of effects, offering relaxation, relief, and balance. 


Our Tinctures are:

  • Elevate your well-being with our potent and consistent Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures.
  • Versatile effects to suit your unique wellness goals, from relaxation to balance.
  • Lab-tested for purity, ensuring a premium CBD experience without additives.
  • Convenient and smoke-free, our tinctures provide an easy alternative to traditional methods
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