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Our Legacy was born from a desire to give regular people access to legal cannabis products now legal throughout the U.S. We are avid proponents of the safe use of marijuana, and we know exactly what the people want. 

That’s why we set out to change the game.

The cornerstone of our success is giving our customers a hassle-free shopping experience, and a simplified product with proven, lab-tested quality.

Weed Plant

Our mission

The benefits of hemp derived products are the same as Delta 9 THC in the respect that they offer better sleep, appetite, stress relief, increased creativity, energy, focus, and many other quality of life effects. One of the major differences lies in the legality and access of Delta 9 THC versus Hemp Derived THC products with the latter being legal on a federal level. Some people in legal states will still choose to do the Hemp Derived THC route simply because they do not enjoy the intense “high” that you get from regular Delta 9 THC while still wanting the benefits you will receive from Delta 9 THC. We believe these products to be a great middle ground for medical usage and recreational usage.

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