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Pensacola Dispensary & Legal THC Alternatives

Welcome to Green Light District!

Our story began when we decided to destigmatize cannabis, and set new standards for product purity and consumer education. Safe cannabis use is always our priority, and we encourage you to let us know how we can better serve you. Visit our Pensacola Dispensary or Online Store.

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Why buy from Green LIght District?

Delta-8 THC is new territory for most of the U.S. and Green Light District is changing the game by providing high-quality, alternative cannabinoid products safely and securely.

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Quality You Can Trust

Green Light District was born out of a desire to provide smokers with high-quality legal alternative cannabinoids. We know that navigating this emerging marketplace can mean dealing with bad actors. That’s not us. Visit our cannabis blog page to learn more about what makes us greener than the rest.

Which Cannabinoid is right for you?

Delta-8 THC

Similar to the effects of everyday weed, this synthetic compound delivers an incredibly smooth high that can be used to enhance any activity. Delta-8 is known to give a smoother head high than it’s Delta-9 counterpart. 



HHC-O flower, edibles and cartridges have been said to give users a clean high. These hemp derived products are quickly becoming popular throughout the U.S. in 2022, as they are new to the market compared to Delta 8 THC.


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Is Delta 8 Legal in the U.S.?

Delta 8 is currently legal in most U.S. states. For more information about legality visit our blog.

What is HHC-O?

Hexahydrocannabinol is a synthetic cannabinoid that has become popular over the last year. One of many synthetics discovered as of 2022, HHC delivers a high similar to conventional Delta 9 cannabis.

How are these different than everyday THC?

Being derived from the same species, these smokables are quite similar to conventional cannabis cartridges and edibles. Read more about the high delivered by each of our COA backed products.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes – visit our contact page for more info. We strive to be a primary provider of these alternative cannabis products throughout the U.S.

Legal Alternative Cannabinoid Cartridges & Edibles

Legal Alternative Cannabinoid Cartridges & Edibles

Check out some of our favorite cartridge flavors

Blue Dream

Durban Poison

Grandaddy Purp

Blue Dream Strain
Durban Poison Strain
Grandaddy Purp Strain
Gods Gift Strain
Gelato Disposable
Lemon Kush Disposable
White Widow Strain
Girl Scout Cookies Strain
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